Our Expertise and Equipment.

Our Expertise:

  • Evaluation and regulation of water and air flows
  • Testing ventilation ducts for airtightness
  • Maintenance services
  • Cam-recording of ventilation ducts


  • Air flow evaluation and regulation: Tsi Dp-calc, Tsi Velocicalc plus
  • Relative regulations: Atcom 2000 measuring instrument pair sharing information through radiowaves
  • Air flow evaluation: several hooded indicators e.g. Tsi Accubalance, Swema, Alnor.
  • Carbon dioxide evaluation: Tsi Q-trak.
  • Noise level evaluation: Brüel&Kjær.
  • Water flow evaluation and regulation: T&A CBI.
  • Testing ventilation ducts for airtightness: 2 Veab 700 air impellers, 2 atoxic smoke-testers for effusion discovering
  • Wöhler special camera for the ventilation ducts